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Viv Leacock

Viv Leacock Headshot

Viv Leacock’s acting journey ignited unexpectedly at a high school talent show where his singing caught the attention of an agent serving as a judge.  Despite stand-up comedy being his initial passion, Leacock seized the opportunity and secured his first auditioned role.

Throughout his career, Leacock has been privileged to collaborate with powerhouse actors and directors across drama, animation and comedy.  Notably, he found himself in the surreal position of landing supporting lead roles alongside his idol, Eddie Murphy, in I Spy, and sharing the screen with comedy legends Dave Thomas and Dan Aykroyd in Intern Academy.  The Farrelly brothers further enriched his career with roles in Loudermilk and The Now.

A member of the Hallmark family, Leacock’s journey began with Kellie Martin in Hailey Dean Mysteries.  This led to a prominent role in the long-running series When Calls the Heart, where he had the unique experience of acting alongside two of his three children, Vienna and Elias Leacock.  He was most recently seen in Hallmark Channel’s Legend of the Lost Locket, a romantic comedy where Leacock, alongside Natasha Burnett, take on the dual roles as executive producers and stars, marking yet another chapter in his enduring and diverse career.